Allows players to use shortcuts by increasing movement speed and jump height.

Every 10 levels your movement speed is increased by 10% allowing for a maximum movement speed of 200%

At Lv 50 you gain the Jump Boost I and at Lv 99 you gain Jump Boost II.

Reaching Lv 99 in this skill allows players to jump to double the normal jump height.

How to TrainEdit

To train your Agility you must sprint on most blocks found on the ground including roads. Every block you sprint has a 2% of giving 10xp. Jumping does NOT help with agility xp in any way!

Remember, Agility is known as a passive skill - you shouldn't actively be trying to get experience for it. Just run around the world performing other tasks as you normally would, and you'll eventually level up. If you have nothing else to do, learn your way around the map!