Al Kharid

Al Kharid is a city located in the MineScape desert. Players can either pay a toll of 10gp to enter directly from Lumbridge or can find an alternate route located south of Varrock. 

Avaliabe NPCsEdit

  • Banker Kash - Directly west of Castle
  • Gatekeeper - Pay toll to enter Lumbridge/Al Kharid
  • Viking Ragnar - Directly west of the Bank
  • Shopkeeper Ahmed
  • Ali the Tailor - Silk Trader

Points of InterestEdit

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 10.57.33

Al Kharid RS Map

*South of the city is the gate to the Kharidian desert. Since this part is members only in rs it will not be on the focus of creation until the non-members area is mostly if not fully complete.


In RS there is a Shortcut south of the gate that allows you to travel to Al Kharid and back to Lumbridge without having to pay. Since shortcuts are not implemented yet this rute is not available.