Amulets are the sole current use for Uncut Sapphire, Uncut Ruby and Uncut Emerald. They can be enchanted, and are expected to have some form of buff or effect once they are fully implemented.



The three amulets

Amulets are made using the Crafting skill, and 3 types exist, each corresponding to the tier of gem used in their creation.
Amulet Materials Needed XP Gain Level Requirement
Sapphire Uncut Sapphire, 1 Gold Bar 20 Level 5 Crafting
Ruby 1 Uncut Ruby, 5 Gold Bar 40 Level 15 Crafting
Emerald 1 Uncut Emerald, 15 Gold Bar 60 Level 30 Crafting

Note: Due to the rarity of gold, and the large requirement increase, the meagre 20XP increase, and the rarity of Emeralds over Sapphires, to train crafting XP it's MUCH more viable and sensible to make a large amount of Sapphire Amulets, instead of a smaller amount of Emerald or Ruby.


Amulets are currently only used to train Magic XP by Enchanting them, although this currently does not work as the Body Runes are unimplemented.

Amulets cannot be worn currently, but are presumed to have some positive effect if worn once this feature is added.