Anvils are used to hammer metal bars made in Furnaces into tools and armor.
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  • Three anvils are on the west side across the street from the bank south of the Grand Exchange.
  • Horvik's Armor Shop on the northeast corner of Varrock Square has an anvil.
  • There are two more  in the southeast part of the city next door to Aubury's Rune Shop.

Port SarimEdit

  • There is one anvil south of the docks near Mudskipper Point.


  • The Draynor Dungeon has one anvil, in the room halfway along the sewer. It can be accessed via two entrances, one north of the draynow market, or the other, inside the prison grounds.

Dwarven MineEdit

  • There are two just inside the cavern, North East of the entrance from the Dwarven Encampment


Right click on an anvil while holding the bars you wish to hammer and select the item you want to make.
Bronze Smithing

Bronze Smithing screenshot