The original development for MineScape was done by Avengah (aka Rungario) in mid-January 2014. Majority of the server's functionality was done through Skript.

Since the start of beta (28th of January, 2014) the development team has grown, and so new features have been added and others are being worked on.

Past DevelopersEdit

  • bobacadodl - trade functionality

Current developersEdit

  • Avengah - existing skills, mobs, chat, other general features and functionality
  • WizardCM - "no swimming" plugin
  • kingbirdy - mob health bar, death respawn selector
  • roblikescake - will be contributing with the skill rewrite

Features being worked onEdit

This is a list of upcoming, planned, or in-progress features. Most are being actively worked on by the development team right now.

In developmentEdit

  • Complete skills rewrite through a core API
  • RuneScape-esque "Friends" system
  • RuneScape-esque item drop and pickup system
  • A particle system meant to emulate RuneScape portals and teleportation
  • A more in-depth and foolproof Quest system designed to emulate the conversation-central RuneScape quests
  • A larger, easier to manage bank

Future plansEdit

  • RuneScape-esque Clan system
  • Bungee plugin that is dependent on clan and friend configurations to send players to the server they'll most likely play on
  • Better pet system
  • More functional chat system
  • Overhauled shop system with UI-based selling and dynamic catalogue