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Grand Exchange in game

The Grand Exchange is a place where players can sell their items to other players through the market system. Players list their items in exchange for gold coins. The Grand Exchange is located just west of Varrock.


There are two sell items through the Grand Exchange:

Command MethodEdit

  1. Hold item you wish to sell in hand.
  2. Type "/market create price". Where it says price, replace with the amount of gold coins you want.
  3. Push Enter
  4. Wait for someone to buy your item.
  5. Retrieve the transaction ledger from the mailbox to claim your gold coins.
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    Grand Exchange in game close up


Note: This will sell a whole stack, so if you only want to sell one, unstack it and do it for only one of the item. If the item doesn't stack (Such as rune essence) it will sell only one.

Manual MethodEdit

  1. Go to the Grand Exchange, North west of Varrock
  2. Talk to the Auctioneer, so that you see the Grand Exchange interface
  3. "Swap Out" an item for the hopper (Put the item you want to sell on the same spot as the hopper)
  4. When you see the sign, fill out the total amount (Using this, you can sell up to en entire inventory in one go), and the price.
  5. Hit done!

Note: This price is for ALL of the amount you entered. If you sold 5 stacks of an item with a price of 25gp, every stack of the item would be purchasable for 5 gp.

If you wish to remove your listing, talk to an Auctioneer or type "/market listings" and search for your item, then shift-click the item twice. It will be sent to your Mailbox.



Grand Exchange Interface

To buy items through the Grand Exchange, follow these steps:

  1. Talk to an Auctioneer or type "/market listings" to view the Interface.
  2. Find an item you wish to buy.
  3. Click the item once to select it, and click it again to confirm your purchase.
  4. The item will be sent to your Mailbox, go there to retrieve your item. There is one in the certain of the Grand Exchange.
  5. Retrieve your item by clicking on it, it will be sent to your inventory automatically.

Note: Beware of unreasonable prices! Be sure to check to see if theres another listing of the same item you want. It might be cheaper!


  • The hopper icon in the Market Listings allows you to quickly sell an item.
  • The scroll icon allows you to search for items by name.
  • The wizard hat icon reorganizes the listings.
  • The pieces of paper on the bottom corners represent the page numbers.