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MineScape is a server-side modification for Minecraft, using the Bukkit API, which aims to recreate the experience of "classic" Runescape (2007scape). The name MineScape is a merge of Minecraft and RuneScape, and is not aimed to 'copy' any other servers. The server is currently in early open beta and frequent changes are being made. Much has yet to be added.
  • Owner & Lead Developer: Avengah
  • Builders: frozenkitten, semmeess, del429


Website: TeamSpeak: Changelog: Twitter and Facebook

This MineScape Wiki has recently been started. If you know something that isn't currently written up, please start editing! Staff members will do their best to regulate, but for now we want to start work on an accurate and useful wiki. If you're just a reader, keep this in mind - anyone can edit a Wiki page, and information may be inaccurate. Additionally, the server is being tweaked all the time, so pages on here may become outdated.

Editors - keep this important point in mind. If you see information on a page that you're not 100% sure about, check the edit history. It's possible a server staff member has corrected a regular player's "guess" to a more-accurate yet less-detailed description. The Summoning page is a good example of this. Remember, we're in beta - things change all the time, and yesterday's information may no longer reflect the server.

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