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Mining is one of the many skills in MineScape which allows players to extract ores, gems, and other resources from ores in mines throughout MineScape. It goes hand-in-hand with Smithing.

Please be advised that the Steel Pickaxe is currently bugged, mining at only half the speed of an Iron Pickaxe, and will not provide you with any benefits over the Iron Pickaxe.


Leveling up in mining can sometimes unlock access to new pickaxes and ores.

XP YieldsEdit

Note: Rune essence does not stack in the inventory, making it very inefficent for gaining mining levels.



  • Level 1 - Bronze Pickaxe
  • Level 10 - Iron Pickaxe
  • Level 20 - Steel Pickaxe
  • Level 30 - Mithril Pickaxe
  • Level 40 - Adamant Pickaxe
  • Level 50 - Rune Pickaxe