There are two mines near Varrock. One is south west, and one is south east. Each are relatively easy to get to.



Locations of each mine

The south east mine is accessed by going to Varrock center, and head south. Once you reach the gate, take a straight left and head off of the path. Go past the dark wizard's circle and eventually you will reach the mine.

The south west mine is much easier to get to. Head the same way as if you were heading to the south east mine, and after the gate, follow the path curving to the right. You will immediately be able to see it.

Ore AmountsEdit

South East MineEdit

South West MineEdit

  • Five Iron Ore pieces
    2014-02-06 02.06.41

    Varrock south west mine

    2014-02-06 02.08.07

    Varrock south east mine